We had the privilege of being interviewed by the multi-talented Luis Ruano from The Hundreds team for their site. Check out a snippet of the interview below and be sure to head over to their site to see the full interview. Thank you, The Hundreds for taking the time to listen to our story on how we became so passionate about the sport of fishing.

"LUIS: So let’s start with this… what exactly is an urban bass angler?
Lloyd: To us, it’s an outdoorsmen who takes his/her love of bass fishing, or any fishing in general, into city limits slash urban settings. Whether it’s downtown or in the urban landscape of cities that have water ways where fishing is acceptable. Basically, taking the urban setting and going out and fishing in that type of arena; no boat, gear in hand, backpack full of bait and just fishing.

Is that a term you guys coined or is it something that’s always existed?
Lloyd: It probably existed [before] but we kind of — I don’t want say that we set that example and coined it, but I think from the platforms we’ve created, it gave us and the thousands of other anglers that are likeminded a way to showcase their love for fishing and that name just came about. It’s someone who just walks out of their backyard and goes fishing, rather than hiking up hills or driving miles away to a lake."...


Follow the link below to read the Full Interview - 


October 09, 2014 by Bass Brigade Admin

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